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Here at Erin Greco Photography, I’m dialing down the digital noise and turning back to the simple, classic way we have enjoyed photographs since they were invented: printed, framed, matted, and bound into books.


Holding a solid, luxurious album in your hands or seeing a beautiful framed canvas on your dining room wall every morning are just completely different than “having” a disc of digital files that you may or may not ever look at. (I am speaking from my own experience, but maybe you can relate.)

That’s why physical, printed artifacts are my primary offering as a portrait artist, especially for my family and baby portrait clients. (Digital files are also available for separate purchase, but they are not my emphasis.)

I have partnered with some of the top professional labs and craftsmen in the country to provide you with the best quality photographic art products. All of my products are available in a range of fabrics and finishes to suit your taste; samples of these options will be available to see and touch at your personal ordering appointment.

I encourage you to think about your custom portrait investment in terms of which products and what type of wall art you might be interested in bringing into your home. I offer professional wall design software to assist with this process, and I am more than happy to walk you through your options and show you samples of everything we offer.

Let's create art for your home.

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